Posted by: Kristin | October 25, 2009

the final countdown

In less than two weeks Alex and I will be the proud “parents” of a golden retriever puppy! If everything goes as planned, Nov. 8 will be our little girl’s first day home. But we’ve got a lot on our plate between now and then. We’re closing on our first home tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 26! So we’ll be packing, cleaning and moving pretty much 24/7 until we jet off to Illinois to pick up our pup.

Even with everything else going on, we’re completely in puppy mode – just as we have been since this adorable litter (of six girls and three boys) was born Sept. 16. While we don’t know which female pup we’ll choose when the day comes, we’ve decided on the name “Kona.” We’re sure that she’s going to not only be a furry ball of cuteness, but also a bundle of energy and mischief!

And this is where we’ll fill you in on all the exciting details (the good, the bad and the ugly of the puppy stage and beyond). So check back regularly for updates and what I’m sure will be an abundance of pictures! We look forward to your feedback, too; so feel free to leave comments anytime.


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