Posted by: Kristin | November 14, 2009

week one – already a celebrity


I’ve been so anxious to post about Kona’s first week at home, but (as I’m sure you can imagine) she’s kept Alex and I very busy! She’s sleeping now, so I’m up against the nap clock to wrap this up. … And I don’t even know where to start, other than to say that we’re exhausted. Puppies are tiring, but worth the effort. Kona is very loving and provides us with plenty of laughs during playtime.

Her potty training is going very well, but she’s still not loving going into her crate at night and while we’re at work. Overall, though, she’s behaving even better than we expected. She’s starting to learn her name and she usually comes when we call her. She’s also almost mastered “sit” already. She sits on command and before we give her food at mealtime.

Today we bought her a small, inexpensive dog bed for her to try out. We were pretty sure she would enjoy it because she’s such a snuggle pup and loves to curl up on blankets or towels. Of course, the bed was a hit. Within 20 minutes of us bringing it home, she was curled up in it with a new toy. Success! We see many dog beds in Kona’s future. I’m sure she’ll outgrow this one in no time!

Oh, and according to our rather unscientific measurements of holding her while we stand on our scale, she’s gained almost two pounds this week! She’s due for her second round of shots at the vet next week, so we’ll have a full update on her health soon.

Until then, we’ll just keep taking pictures. Kona is a celebrity and we’re the paparazzi.


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