Posted by: Kristin | December 5, 2009

one holiday trip down, one to go

We’re home! And we’re getting back into a more regular routine after traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. We made the 12-hour-plus drive to southern Illinois last week to visit “grandma” and “grandpa” (my parents). Kona also got to meet Lily, my parents’ 3-year-old golden retriever, who shares a father (Truman) with our pup.

Lily is one of the main reasons we wanted to get a Carriage Hill golden. She’s a smart, pretty, well-behaved dog, which is exactly what we were looking for in a pet. We learned a lot about the breeder through my parents, so we felt comfortable working with her from a distance.

Anyway, we were excited to find out how Lily and Kona would get along, seeing as how they’re half sisters and all. It was quite the show. Kona is an energetic puppy; and, well, Lily is not. Kona wanted to play, but Lily wanted to check her out from a distance. Plus, Kona barked a lot, while Lily was mostly silent. (post continues below)

Lily checking out Kona, the unexpected Thanksgiving guest.

We were hoping to get a good picture of them together, but they never quite got close enough to make that happen during our three-day visit. However, Kona also met my aunt’s Boston terrier, Gracie, who lives for rambunctious play. They wore each other out!

Overall, it was a great trip for Kona. She met lots of people and animals. She even got some new toys out of the deal, too! She slept during most of drive with only a few stops each way. She was a very good girl!

For the next few weeks we’re going to try to keep a regular schedule (with minimal travel) for Kona. We plan to work hard on her basic obedience skills, with the long-distance help of Melissa, my gracious dog-trainer friend based in California.

And in no time it’ll be Christmas, when we’ll hit the road again to visit Kona’s other “grandma” and “grandpa” (Alex’s parents)! There she’ll have three cats to get to know. Maybe there will be a chance to get a picture of her with some friends of the feline variety – though I highly doubt it. Wish us luck!


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