Posted by: Kristin | December 19, 2009

grooming for two

Last weekend Alex, Kona and I spent a day in Denver running errands and finishing Christmas shopping. But both Kona and I were in need of some primping. So a few days ahead of the trip, I made an appointment for a haircut. And I set Kona up for some grooming at The Wag Shop, a cage-free dog boutique.

We wanted her first grooming experience to be a pleasant one, so this place was ideal. She was bathed and brushed, and she had her nails and the fur on her paws trimmed. She was happy (and looked adorable in her snowman-themed bandanna) when we picked her up. The owners even watched after her for an extra couple hours so we could run some more errands. (post continues below)

The shop also sold “cookies” from Cosmo’s Dog Biscuit Bakery. We picked up a bag of assorted biscuits with fun names like barbecued mail carrier. Kona loves them, but – then again – she likes all treats.

With all the new experiences, it was a big day for Kona. She was patient riding in the car and hanging out while Alex and I took turns running into a few more stores. The weather was beautiful that day, with temperatures above 50 degrees, so she enjoyed stopping at the park for lunch and a walk, too.

For the record, I think my “grooming” also turned out nice. I’m happy with my new bangs!


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