Posted by: Kristin | December 25, 2009

a merry, white Christmas


Alex, Kona and I made the trip to “grandma’s house” a day early, and we’re glad we did, as almost constant snow has kept us from leaving the house since we arrived! I haven’t heard yet how much has accumulated at Alex’s parents house in Omaha, but it’s definitely still coming down. And, of course, Kona is loving it!

The whole family, including Alex’s mom, dad and brother, headed out in the snow to dig out the cars in the driveway (and a path for Kona to go “outside”). There’s a good chance we’ll all end up out there doing it again tomorrow, but there should be a lot less snow to clear the second time around. We had a great time playing outside, but – sadly – we didn’t get snowman-making snow.

The pictures in this post are ones taken today, but I’ve been snapping pictures of Kona with all her new toys (as we opened them) over the past week. I’ll post those soon. Kona’s toy box is officially overflowing! Thank you!

Stockings stuffed full for Kona and Raz (the cat of Alex's brother, Spenser).

Alex and Kona taking a walk in the snow – it's practically swallowing her – with a stick, of course!

Kona sitting in one of our footprints.

Kona loves sticks, and the one Spenser's holding is no exception.

Alex, Doug and Spenser after the shoveling and snowblowing was done – for now.



  1. Kona is growing so fast! She will soon be looking for limbs instead of sticks! Kona’s cousins, Sassy and Buster, had a very nice visit from Santa Paws as well…had a great time opening their presents and eating way too many treats! They, however, are not great fans of the snow. If they could find a way to delay their bodily functions until Spring, I’m sure they would. Happy Puppy’s First Christmas to all of you! Love, the Paczkowski’s

    • Santa Paws! I love it! It’s great to hear from you. Stay warm, take care, and have a happy new year!

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