Posted by: Kristin | January 5, 2010

Happy (belated) new year!

We started the new year with a family photo taken at a cabin near unincorporated Deckers, Colo. We arrived New Year’s Eve just before sunset and in time to catch the Insight Bowl game (Iowa State vs. Minnesota – Go Cyclones!) on satellite television. We spent two days there relaxing and fishing, with no cell phone service or Internet connection to speak of (hence the belated wishes for a happy new year).

This was Kona’s first trip ā€“ of many, I predict ā€“ to the mountains. She enjoyed exploring the cabin and sniffing the many animal tracks outside in the snow. On our way home, we stopped at PetSmart for Kona’s first “shopping” experience. She could hardly contain herself on account of all the attention and new smells!

Alex and I have a goal of giving her more opportunities to socialize (with people and dogs) this year. … And on a related note, we signed Kona up for weekly puppy obedience classes at Petco, starting in a couple weeks. We’ll keep you posted. Here’s to training in 2010!


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