Posted by: Kristin | January 27, 2010

gremlin puppy on the loose

I’ll be honest. I’ve had lots of doggy things to write about for the past few days, but haven’t had the opportunity or desire to do so because Kona has been a bit of a troublemaker – or gremlin, as Alex likes to call her when she’s acting devilish.

Anyway, she’s not out of hand, just more restless than usual. She hasn’t been taking her daily nap after dinner, even though we’ve been taking her for real, big-dog walks every night! She’s also going through a big growth spurt, adding several pounds in the past couple weeks. She’s now 28.2 lbs., just a few days short of turning five months old!

She’s almost too heavy to pick up. And when she doesn’t want to do something, it’s a lot more difficult to “persuade” her to do it. Hopefully, her obedience classes (which started this week) will help out on that front!

She did master a new trick, “catch,” this week. Alex throws a goldfish cracker and she catches it in her mouth. I tried to get an action shot, but it turned out blurry. So a picture of her sniffing the goldfish cracker will have to do. Enjoy!


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