Posted by: Kristin | January 27, 2010

obedience class – week 1

Kona riding to obedience class in her new backseat dog hammock.

Sunday was our first of six puppy obedience classes with Kona … at Petco … a one-and-a-half-hour drive away. But the puppy playtime portion of the class (and the Chipotle dinner afterward) was well worth the drive itself!

Instead of dragging her big crate along, we tried out a backseat dog hammock. And it was perfect! It not only protected the back seat, but it also gave Kona more room to spread out and kept her from trying to climb into the front seat. (post continues below)

Kona snoozing with "duck" in the backseat on the way home from class.

There are four other dogs in the class, including another golden a few weeks younger than Kona! It’s amazing how different they look. His super-fuzzy fur is a much lighter color than Kona’s darker, more tame coat and he’s still puppy chubby. I’m hoping to get a picture of them together some week, so keep an eye out for that!

The first class was an introduction day with a lot of discussion. But Kona was mostly calm (especially compared to her golden buddy who barked most of the time), even though there wasn’t much action. We worked on the “watch me” command, which trains Kona to look us in the eye when she’s distracted. Practice this week before mealtimes has gone well.

Up next week is loose-leash walking and the stay command! Wish us luck!


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