Posted by: Kristin | January 31, 2010

obedience class – week 2

Kona is one tired puppy after tonight’s obedience class! She’s had a big day with a long drive, grooming before class and extended playtime with her classmates. Tonight we worked on the “stay” and “come” commands, of which she already has a pretty good grasp. But it’s always good to practice those things in new environments away from home.

We also learned some loose-leash walking techniques, which will be much more challenging to master. Consistency will be the key. No pulling on the leash allowed! Ever. Anytime she pulls, we’re supposed to stop, then get her to come back toward us and start going again, praising her every second she walks with a slack leash. Then, repeat each time she pulls.

And, yes, it is as frustrating as it sounds. But, with practice, Kona should get the hang of it quickly. We’ll see how our walk goes tomorrow!

I took some pictures of Kona and her classmates with the camera on my phone. They’re a little fuzzy because the puppies were rambunctious and the camera isn’t of the greatest quality, but hopefully you get the idea.

Kona (left) playing with Mo (golden retriever, right). Mo is about three months old, and he's around the same size as Kona! He's going to be a big dog.

Kona (right) checking out Mo (left). ... He's not so sure.

This is Bo, an adorable three-month-old border collie. He's deaf; his owners use sign language and hand signals to relay commands.


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