Posted by: Kristin | February 18, 2010

a rambunctious recovery

Is anyone surprised that Kona is not interested in abiding by our vet’s recommendation of keeping her activity level low? Yeah, neither are we.

On her first night home after being spayed, she jumped up with her front paws on the counter in a taco-snagging attempt that left lettuce and cheese on the kitchen floor. That was the first sign that she was feeling well, despite moving a little slower than usual.

In the two days since then, she’s been full of energy, even going through a few serious FRAPs (which stands for Frenetic Random Activity Periods, sometimes called “puppy crazies” or “zooms” – or “low-butt runs,” as they’re known in my family). And she’s currently trying to get on the couch with me. She doesn’t have a “low activity” setting.

Today she finished taking her post-surgery medicine, which was easy to give her with the help of Greenies Pill Pockets. In other news, she lost two more teeth (big ones, which we found in the carpet) tonight! Plus, we’re getting another round of snow. It’s really coming down! So we have a lot going on, but Kona is doing well.



  1. We call that the Basset 500. πŸ™‚

    • That is laugh-out-loud funny! Technically, Alex said, basset butts are always low to the ground, so our name wouldn’t work anyway. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s our Grandpup! She’s getting so big. What fun (most of the time)!

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