Posted by: Kristin | February 20, 2010

snow with a side of ice cream

It has been snowing nonstop since last night! I have no idea how many inches have accumulated so far, but I know our footprints are filled in with fresh snow almost every time we take Kona out. She’s taken to snapping at the falling snow, which is pretty cute. And she’s definitely back to her normal behavior, as she got pretty crazy playing in the snow in the backyard this afternoon. She’s finishing up her Saturday with a Frosty Paws doggy ice cream treat as I type!

Kona standing by the back gate – a signal she wants to go into the park that backs up to our yard.

She got a little silly playing with her leash in the snow. (Love the ears!)

Kona trying to decide if she wants to obey Alex's command to come inside.



  1. Never could figure out what it is about snow that makes every dog even more playful. Mine has been out acting like a puppy all day. Guess it brings out the kid in all of us.

  2. Totally adorable! At least the snow is good for somebody’s enjoyment…..

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