Posted by: Kristin | February 21, 2010

eight inches and counting

It is STILL snowing. When I measured the accumulation a few hours ago, we had more than eight inches of it! The department of roads lists interstate conditions as “extreme caution,” one step down from “closed,” so we won’t be going to week four of obedience class today. We’ll show up early next week, though, to catch up on what we missed.

We let Kona play off the leash in the backyard this morning. The snow was up to her chest, but she loved running in it. She obeyed the “come” command when we called her, too. It looks like she’ll have many more opportunities to play in the snow in the next few days, as the forecast is calling for MORE snow tonight and tomorrow.

Snow accumulation as of nine o'clock this morning.

Kona sprinting across the backyard toward me.

Kona rooting in the snow. What for? I'm not sure.

Kona resting on her new "big dog" bed.

How could you not love this face?



  1. I think these photos may have helped push Lisa over the edge. She’s getting awfully close to agreeing we need a Golden.

  2. The key word there is “need” …

  3. She’s just having so much fun! She’s so cute and we love her more with every posting!

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