Posted by: Kristin | February 25, 2010

a whole new level

Kona has discovered the basement.

It’s her new favorite place to explore. When we come home and let her out of her crate, she shoots down the basement stairs for a major sniff fest (much to our frustration).

For a long time she wouldn’t venture any farther than the landing between the kitchen and the basement stairs. We made a habit of always calling her back into the kitchen because the basement was a mess of boxes and random junk after we moved in.

Now that it’s clean and organized, it took more encouragement than we expected to coax her down the basement stairs for the first time (despite her ease of running up and down stairs other places). She seemed to think we were tricking her. She barked. She knew she was never allowed to go down there before.

And now, we’re regretting that decision (at least a little). We’re hoping the novelty of the newly discovered space will wear off soon. Maybe not. But at least we got some pictures of the action.


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