Posted by: Kristin | March 7, 2010

obedience class – graduation

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted much about obedience class in the past few weeks, but we’ve been busy. With Kona picking the winner of the Super Bowl, getting spayed and discovering the basement, posts about obedience classes seemed to fall through the cracks. Plus, all anyone really needs to know is that she graduated! Today!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been practicing the “leave it,” “go to your bed” and “wait” commands, longer stays and good greeting manners, the last of which is still quite a struggle for Kona. But who can blame her? She’s a golden. And goldens love – LOVE – people.

We had a few visitors last week, and Kona’s greetings were less than stellar. But when I’m prepared with a leash and treats, she’s more manageable. As usual, practice will be the key. It made the difference today, as Kona completed all of her graduation tests with no problem. In a few more months we may even enroll her in an intermediate obedience class.

Kona will miss her puppy class friends, especially Mo (the golden retriever) and Bo (the border collie). I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of the gang over the past couple weeks. So prepare yourself for an adorable overload.

Alex and Kona taking a break from class last week.

Kona's puppy pal, Mo, resting during class last week.

Bo the border collie is as mellow as he is cute; this picture is from the last week in February, class number five.

Kona on her way to graduation today!

Tired pups, Mo (left, one month younger than Kona) and Kona (right), after their last class today.

Bo (top) and Mo (bottom) roughhousing during playtime today.

A staged shot of Kona with our "proud parent of a dog training graduate" sticker.



  1. We’re so proud! She’s getting so big and she looks just full of love and adventure. Can’t wait to see her again! Congrats to Kona and to both her “parents”.

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