Posted by: Kristin | March 17, 2010

Robert Morris, North Texas and UTEP, oh my

Okay, it’s on. Kona has made her first-round NCAA Tournament picks for Thursday, March 18. We used the same highly unscientific “ring method” that brought Kona her Super Bowl success – 16 times, once for each of tomorrow’s games. (post continues below)

Decisions, decisions.

Uneducated guesses or not, I agree with most of her choices (in red). Though Robert Morris, North Texas and UTEP may be stretches. Only time (and plenty of madness) will tell. Happy bracketing to all and to all a good night!

(10) Florida vs. (7) Brigham Young

(11) Old Dominion vs. (6) Notre Dame

(15) Robert Morris vs. (2) Villanova

(13) Murray State vs. (4) Vanderbilt

(15) North Texas vs. (2) Kansas St.

(14) Sam Houston State vs. (3) Baylor

(10) Saint Mary’s vs. (7) Richmond

(12) UTEP vs. (5) Butler

(9) Northern Iowa vs. (8) UNLV

(16) East Tennessee State vs. (1) Kentucky

(11) Washington vs. (6) Marquette

(14) Ohio vs. (3) Georgetown

(16) Lehigh vs. (1) Kansas

(9) Wake Forest vs. (8) Texas

(14) Montana vs. (3) New Mexico

(11) San Diego State vs. (6) Tennessee



  1. OK…..if this works, let’s take her to Vegas!

  2. I can’t believe she did that 16 times! Were treats involved??

    • Hey, she’s come a long way since the last time you saw her! There weren’t any treats involved; she thought it was a game. Halfway through the selections, she just started pouncing on her choice. It was pretty awesome.

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