Posted by: Kristin | March 20, 2010

slam dunks and sunshine

Kona playing with her prediction tools after the picking was done.

Kona’s predictions of major upsets yesterday DID NOT work in her favor, as she only correctly picked the winners of 6 of the 16 games. But today is a new tournament day and her choices look pretty solid for the beginning of round two.

Being a fan of the Missouri Valley Conference, I would love to see Northern Iowa win, but I bet Kona is right on with her Kansas pick. The same is true for Kentucky. And I like the Murray State Racers, who could be on a roll. Though Butler is strong too, so that should be a good game.

I’m watching Saint Mary’s leading Villanova right now, so Kona’s picks (in red) are off to a good start.

(10) Saint Mary’s vs. (2) Villanova

(13) Murray State vs. (5) Butler

(14) Ohio vs. (6) Tennessee

(9) Northern Iowa vs. (1) Kansas

(11) Washington vs. (3) New Mexico

(11) Old Dominion vs. (3) Baylor

(7) Brigham Young vs. (2) Kansas State

(9) Wake Forest vs. (1) Kentucky

There’s great basketball on inside, but it’s a sunshiny day outside. Tough choice. I think we’ll compromise with a long walk this afternoon. Go Panthers!


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