Posted by: Kristin | March 21, 2010

busted brackets and bathtubs

Kona had a banner day of predictions yesterday, only incorrectly picking Murray State, Brigham Young and KANSAS as winners – the last of which the Lauver household is not-so-secretly happy about getting wrong. Like I said yesterday: Go Panthers! Brackets everywhere busted thanks to the Missouri Valley Conference, and I love it.

I’m late getting Kona’s second set of round-two predictions up because it’s an even more gorgeous day than it was yesterday and we spent some time outside. Kona is pretty pooped; she’s currently enjoying a post-walk ice cube.

Anyway, these are the picks (in red) she made early this morning. She’s correctly picked 3 of 5 winners so far.

(8) Gonzaga vs. (1) Syracuse

(10) Georgia Tech vs. (2) Ohio State

(5) Michigan State vs. (4) Maryland

(10) Missouri vs. (2) West Virginia

(12) Cornell vs. (1) Wisconsin

Remaining games:

(6) Xavier vs. (3) Pittsburgh

(8) California vs. (1) Duke

(5) Texas A&M vs. (4) Purdue

In other news, Kona now climbs all the way into the bathtub/shower (only when its empty, so far). She used to just peek behind the curtain any chance she got, but yesterday she took the plunge. Hopefully she doesn’t get any crazy ideas while we’re getting ready for work tomorrow.

On her way in ...


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