Posted by: Kristin | March 24, 2010

Kona doesn’t do laundry

Kona can make just about anything a toy. Exhibit A: a bag of carrots stolen from the counter. (post continues below)

Laundry baskets, however, are of no playful interest to her. She barks at them, sniffs them from a distance and pounces only within several inches of them. She avoids touching them at all costs.

I’m not certain, but I suspect this has something to do with a certain someone (whose name starts with an “A” and ends with an “l-e-x”) placing a laundry basket over her as a game when she was a few months old.

Generally, Kona likes to find her way out of confined spaces like piles of towels, underneath the bed and behind living room furniture. But the laundry basket was not so much a hit.  Exhibits B and C: Kona viciously barking at an empty basket and Kona voicing her displeasure with Alex’s new “hat.” (post continues below)

This was our excitement for the night, other than a nice walk with Kona after work in sunny, 50-degree weather! And other than the potential for some slushy snow and rain this weekend, we have some pretty fabulous weather coming our way, including a 74-degree high on Tuesday.

While I’m looking forward to the weather, Kona will be dreaming of chasing birds (which she recently discovered) and finding more sticks, like this one she carried during most of her walk tonight (and then brought into the house) …



  1. That picture of Alex is hilarious!

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