Posted by: Kristin | March 28, 2010

puppy does doggie day camp

We spent the day in Fort Collins, Colo., yesterday. We had some errands to run and Kona was in desperate need of a being groomed. The PetSmart there not only offers grooming, but also Doggie Day Camp and PetsHotel boarding. So we signed her up for a few hours of camp before her grooming appointment.

Of course, she willingly went with the one of the camp supervisors (without even looking back) when we dropped her off. The lady who checked in Kona in the PetsHotel lobby told us there was another golden about her age being boarded that day. And according to her “Pawgress Report,” she enjoyed playing with him. (post continues below)

When we picked her up, there was another customer checking out her huge Saint Bernard. I asked the front desk worker if Kona was playing with that dog and he said yes. I wonder how that went. … Anyway, she looked (and smelled) great, with her tail wagging, when we picked her up. In fact, she put on the brakes and sat down when we tried to walk out of the store. Apparently, she wasn’t ready to leave.

We also picked up a couple new chew toys for her, since her teeth have outgrown her puppy ones. We chose the Nylabone Dura Chew Plus for Powerful Chewers, in both smooth and textured versions. They were a big hit. I have a feeling we’ll be replacing them soon, thanks to our “powerful chewer.”

Kona sitting pretty, freshly gromed, with her new bone.

Kona enjoying a reunion with her freshly machine-washed bear (and new bones, of course).

There was just as much cuddling as there was playing; she's still pretty beat from doggie day camp.



  1. She looks great! Looks like puppy day camp was a hit to be repeated often.

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