Posted by: Kristin | April 11, 2010

recipes for an animal rescue

I totally got my bake on last week – and the finished product went to the dogs! I decided to make my first run at homemade dog treats to sell at a fundraiser for a local animal rescue group. The first two batches I made on baking night one were less than tasty looking by human standards. But Kona still ate them, naturally.

So, I was a little discouraged when baking night two rolled around. Luckily, though, the second round was better than the first. In fact, it was downright easy. I found all the recipes, including the duds, on The keepers, with some slight modifications, were the Apple Crunch Pupcakes, Carrot Cake Cookies and Bacon Drop Cookies – the last two I renamed K-9 Carrot Cakes and Bingo’s Bacon Drops.

I baked both regular-size and mini Apple Crunch Pupcakes, which were made of wheat flour, unsweetened applesauce, dried apple and honey, among other things. And they smelled yummy. (post continues below)

pupcake batter

These "puppies" are ready to go in the oven!

half-baked pupcakes

Fully baked pupcakes, big and small, ready for sniffing.

The K-9 Carrot Cakes consisted mostly of rolled oats, flour and carrots. The recipe called for rolling out the dough and cutting it into shapes, but I opted for the more efficient plan of dropping it by the spoonful onto the cookie sheet, then flattening each one with a fork. (post continues below)

carrot cake batter

These carrot cakes are ready to bake.

carrot cake close-up

Finally, I whipped up Bingo’s Bacon Drops, made mostly of wheat flour, wheat germ, cornmeal and (of course) BACON! I made these last because the recipe called for them to stand in the oven overnight to dry out. They turned out like little crunchy, bacon-flavored hush puppies. Fitting. (post continues below)

baking bacon drops

And I finished the job with clear bags and ingredient tags. Whew!



  1. They look yummy! Did Alex taste test? Or was it Kona?

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