Posted by: Kristin | April 20, 2010

puppy steps

A little more than a week ago, we spent the day running errands in Cheyenne, Wyo. Conveniently, the Petco there hosted an open puppy play hour that morning, much to Kona’s excitement. She was all wound up when we unleashed her in the play area. The other puppies, who knew each other from attending the play session every week, seemed a little confused – and perhaps slightly annoyed – by her high energy. (post continues below)

Kona was the subject of more than one sniff session at puppy playtime.

Kona spent a lot of time drinking from the water bowl; in fact, she was almost hogging it.

This cutie wasn't very interested in playing.

And because our errands ended up taking us a little longer than we expected, we stopped at the dog park before we headed home so Kona could get another round of exercise. She had recovered from her first session, but she was reluctant about the new experience. Though once we let her off the leash and she was greeted by a number of other golden retrievers, many the same age as her, she was ready to play!

The other golden puppies were almost the exact same size as Kona. But all of them had noticeably darker fur than her, which caught our attention because she was one of the darker puppies in her litter. After talking to some of the owners, we found out that most of the pups at the park were related.

Kona was very good about coming back to us when we called, even when she was in the middle of intense play. When it came time to leave, however, she wasn’t so cooperative. … Puppy steps. … We’ll take what we can get. (post continues below)

A friendly bulldog appears to be the center of attention among three goldens (none of them Kona) and a dog of another breed.

The popular bulldog receives more golden attention. (Kona's not pictured.)

I wasn't kidding about the number of goldens. There are five in this picture, and there were two or three times that many there! Kona is the one in the forefront.

There was a baby basset hound at the dog park, too!

Now for the most exciting event of the trip: I bought a car! Kona never really rode in my old sedan, but we got her into the new Honda Fit quickly. Though she doesn’t seem too sure about it …

Kona's not used to riding in the cargo area.

Puppy prefers the backseat.


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