Posted by: Kristin | May 8, 2010

don’t mess with the bunny police

Kona has discovered bunnies. Our yard seems to be infested with them. Most mornings there’s a regular bunny convention in our front yard. And Kona goes to great lengths to keep an eye on them. (post continues below)

Kona keeps tabs on the bunnies from the bay window, where she is – ahem – not supposed to be! Notice one bunny front and center and three more in the shadow of the bush by the sidewalk.

Kona also monitors the bunnies' movements from her position at the front door. See one bunny in the mulch, another in the grass by the sidewalk and one more running across the street.

But that’s not the end of the story.

One little bunny likes to hang out in the backyard, sitting right in Kona’s path at the bottom of the stairs off our patio. The bunny usually sees Kona first, then bolts around the garage and down the driveway into the neighbors’ front yard, triggering a major puppy reaction. So we’ve started checking for the bunny before we take Kona out, to avoid major commotions or getting our arms pulled out of the sockets. (post continues below)

Can you spot Kona's bunny "friend"?

One day, the bunny didn’t bolt. Instead, the little guy hunkered down across the yard from where Kona usually goes to do her business, and she was completely unaware. So, being the bright young adults that we are, Alex and I decided the situation seemed like a great photo opportunity. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. (post continues below)

Like I said, the bunny was hunkered down.

Kona had no idea what I was trying to show her or, apparently, where to even look.

The bunny was only a few feet away (upper left corner), but Kona was more interested in keeping the stick I was trying to take away from her.

But, eventually, she figured it out, and my arms got a workout. Notice the bunny blur in the mulch, just to the left of Kona's shoulder.

I ended up feeling bad for setting the bunny up mostly for our amusement. But he’s clearly got the advantage over our seemingly oblivious dog. It’s an interesting contrast to seeing her on high alert when she notices the big bunnies in the front yard.

But, for now, we don’t plan on letting Kona out off her leash in our not-completely-fenced-in backyard, at least until we know the coast is clear. Because this bunny isn’t afraid to keep coming back for more.



  1. OMG – those are hilarious! And the bunnies are soooo cute! I can’t believe there are so many in your yard all the time. The one in the gutter drain is darling. Bunny blur … too funny.

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