Posted by: Kristin | May 29, 2010

the Kona Monster strikes again

I know, I haven’t posted anything for more than a week. But Alex and I have been busy … protecting area wildlife from the Kona Monster.

With the incredibly warm weather (as in temperatures reaching 90 degress) and no signs of the bunnies in many days, we’ve been letting Kona hang out off her leash in the backyard. Usually she uses this time to round up as many sticks and big pieces of mulch as possible to chew on. (post continues below)

Kona looks innocent chewing on mulch, but don't let her fool you.

Then, last weekend, we noticed a baby robin hanging out on the patio. Luckily the little guy went unnoticed by Kona for some time. But when it did catch her attention, the chase was on and, unfortunately, the bird hadn’t yet learned to fly. Don’t worry; Alex managed to grab Kona before she caught up to the robin – the first time.

The baby bird hopped off that day, but stuck around. We saw it shadowing an adult robin and even flying over our fence. We thought it learning to fly left us in the clear.

We were wrong.

Last night Kona unexpectedly rustled up the baby robin from a bush while she was rooting through the mulch. I think she was as startled as the bird, who tried to fly away while Kona pounced. It landed for a breather twice, and Kona swatted it with her paw each time, before I made it across the yard to intervene.

If I had been seconds slower, the bird would have been in her mouth, because it didn’t try to fly away the last time it landed. With Kona safely inside, Alex and I tried to “shoo” the bird out of yard, but it didn’t move. We eventually persuaded it to flip over and guided it out the backyard gate.

It could still extend both wings, but didn’t make any attempts to fly away. I imagine the poor thing was exhausted and in shock. Being the big dork that I am, I checked on it several times throughout the evening. It didn’t move much.

But, this morning, it was back inside our fence with the adult bird. And we have yet to see it fly. Good luck, buddy.

The baby robin tried to look big and tough after we "shooed" it out of the yard.


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