Posted by: Kristin | June 12, 2010

the firsts of June

June has been a big month for Kona so far.

On the first day of the month, a big hail storm blew through. Kona was home alone, in her crate, while Alex and I were still at work. She’s only been through one big storm previously, so I imagine she was wondering what all the racket was about. One thing’s for sure: With all that hail, it was noisy. (post continues below)

The hail storm made chopped salad out of our plants.

And all our flowers were smashed.

But riding out the storm alone doesn’t seem to have affected her much, as she’s been through a couple more since then without appearing too anxious.

Just last night, another storm rolled through. In fact, it poured for hours, which is really unusual for where we live. There was lots of lightning and plenty of thunder, but Kona was fine – other than being wet and a little smelly from going “outside” in the rain a few times, which totally ruined her ‘do.

“Wet dog” doesn’t look good on Kona. (post continues below)

Anyway, a couple days after the first storm, Sarah (my sister) and Doug (her boyfriend) came to visit! Kona loves visitors, especially ones that stay overnight. One of her favorite things to do with overnight visitors is greet them at the bottom of the stairs, in view of the guest bedroom, in the morning. (post continues below)

Notice the frantically wagging tail. There was barking involved, too. Hence, the gate.

Despite the energetic wake-up call, Sarah and Doug still enjoyed spending time with Kona. And I have photographic evidence. (post continues below)

After a couple days hanging out at out house, we all headed to Estes Park, Colo., to do some hiking and fly-fishing. With all of us and all our gear, we had to take two cars. Kona rode with Alex and she got to sit in the front seat! (post continues below)

Kona rested her head on Alex's arm while riding shotgun.

On the way to our cabin we stopped for lunch at Panera Bread, where Kona joined us for her first outdoor dining experience. She behaved so much better than we expected. We tied her to the fence and gave her the “down” command, which she obeyed the entire time we ate. People and dogs walked by and she just hung out. We were so happy with her. (post continues below)

Kona's a Panera Bread pup!

Kona also made herself at home when we got to the cabin; see her toys strewn all over the floor.

THEN, after we dropped off Sarah and Doug at the airport, Kona got to ride in the front seat again on the way home.

Now we’re ready for a couple quiet weeks at home. But if this rain keeps up, like it has all day, (and Kona isnt able to get any exercise outside) our house will be anything but calm.


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