Posted by: Kristin | June 15, 2010

rain, rain (finally) went away

Finally. Sunshine! So today Kona and I went for our first long walk in days. It felt glorious – and hot. Kona was panting so hard she couldn’t even carry a stick, per her usual routine.

A couple kids riding their bikes stopped and asked to pet Kona, which I agreed to after she obeyed the “sit” command. She wiggled all over the place, but she kept her behind on the ground, so she gets a passing grade.

Plus, we had just been rushed by a loose chihuahua and her black Lab buddy, so Kona was still recovering from that. I think they just wanted to play, but they barked and snapped in Kona’s face nonetheless. And I think the little dog was more ferocious than the big one.

Anyway, by the time we got home, Kona was exhausted and her tongue was hanging to the ground. Now she’s calmly hanging out with Alex in the “man room” in our basement, which is a first. Sadly, though, rain is in the forecast to come again another day (tomorrow).

Look at that tongue!


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