Posted by: Kristin | June 26, 2010

meet the neighbors

Meet the neighbors – boxers Bruiser and Sassy! They’re always excited to see Kona. They even whine when she doesn’t greet them at the fence. But when they do meet nose-to-nose, a golden retriever low butt run often ensues. If Kona is off the leash, she runs back and forth along the fence line (with boxers in tow) until she’s spent.

The boxers aren’t our only furry neighbors. Almost every house on our street has at least one dog. Our other next-door neighbors have three small, lively toy-breed dogs. And they like to bark. I don’t think Kona considers them playmates. But that’s fine; she has plenty of puppy pals.

This weekend, when we visit Alex’s parents in Omaha, Neb., we’ll find out if she still has a couple feline friends, too. Things will be a little different this time, as Kona weighs about 40 pounds more than she did when we last visited at Christmastime.

Plus, it’s going to be hot and humid, not arid like we’re used to at home. Hopefully that means Kona will be more lazy – and, therefore, less of a troublemaker – than usual. Fingers crossed.



  1. Okay – I want some kitty pictures after this trip, now that you’ve mentioned them. Kittehs!

    • I will definitely try. But these “kittehs” don’t like to cooperate, so no promises.

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