Posted by: Kristin | July 5, 2010

only in America

We’re back home after spending the extended holiday weekend with Alex’s parents in Omaha, Neb. The heat and humidity followed by plenty of rain led to lots of time spent indoors, which Kona used to try to get to know the resident cats. Norton, the tiny gray tabby, and Bert, the big white beast, were less than thrilled with Kona’s presence. (post continues below)

Norton tried his best to ignore Kona.

Bert employed a slightly more – uh – aggressive approach to keep Kona at bay.

This is as close as Kona got to a kitty meet and greet.

There were fireworks outside, too, which didn’t seem to bother Kona at all. We’ve been taking her for walks in our neighborhood, where people have been shooting off fireworks for weeks, after dark to test her reaction to the noise. She was just as oblivious at home as she was in Omaha. So, that was a plus.

And under the “only in America” category, we treated Kona to a grooming appointment at Dogtopia and puppy treats at Three Dog Bakery. The groomer at Dogtopia asked a lot of questions about exactly what kind of trimming we wanted done, and as a result Kona looked great in her paw-print bandanna when we picked her up. (post continues below)

Even cuter than her new accessory were the barbecue-themed treats we found for her at Three Dog Bakery. The company sells prepackaged cookies in stores, but the storefront bakeries go all out on gourmet creations that look good enough for people to eat! They didn’t disappoint Kona either. (post continues below)

watermelon cookie

not "seedless"

hot dog treat

attack mode

puppy cupcake



In between treat times (No, she didn’t eat them all at once.), Kona roughhoused and relaxed. God bless America.


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