Posted by: Kristin | July 10, 2010

Flat Kona travels abroad

Well, Alex is gone. As I type, he’s on a layover in San Francisco, then – for the next 13 hours – he’ll be on a flight bound for Hong Kong. And Kona and I are on our own for two weeks!

Alex has a packed schedule that includes several flights around China and India, but I’m sure he’ll find time to miss us along the way. Though he’ll never be too far from “Kona,” as he’s traveling with Flat Kona, a cut-out, laminated version of Cartoon Kona. (post continues below)

The plan is for Alex to take pictures of Flat Kona among foreign landscapes and landmarks as he travels. If this experiment goes well, we’ll keep it going whenever we travel without Kona in the future. We may even loan Flat Kona out to others when they travel. So let us know if you want to borrow the flat version of our pup and we’ll get her in the mail. (post continues below)

I don't think the real Kona will mind parting with the prop.

Meanwhile, Kona and I will keep busy at home. In fact, we took a long walk this morning and she carried what appeared to be a small branch, complete with leaves. Oh, the life of a golden.


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