Posted by: Kristin | July 17, 2010

hot times in mosquito city

I’m seriously reconsidering doing yard work today. In addition to the temperature already reaching 80 degrees when I took Kona for a walk at 9:30 this morning, it’s also mosquito city out there!

I don’t know how mosquitoes affect dogs, but it seemed like Kona was shaking herself out more than usual. And every time I looked down, there were at least five bugs biting my legs. I literally ran – which makes Kona flip out when she’s on the leash – the last couple blocks in an effort to keep the mosquitoes off me and get home sooner.

Then, I counted at least 13 new mosquito bites on my legs. Anyway …

If we do head outside later today or tomorrow, I think some hose time might be in order. Kona had her first encounter with the hose a few weeks ago, and it was quite hilarious. She seemed to enjoy herself and it didn’t take her too long to dry off, as we were hanging out in the sun that afternoon. Here’s to summertime.

(click on photos to view larger)


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