Posted by: Kristin | July 21, 2010

Flat Kona Chinese tour

Flat Kona has been on the move since her stop in Kowloon Bay last week. She spent more time in China, bouncing between Hong Kong and Macau, where she visited a casino, sampled the local fare and strolled the walk of fame! (post continues below)

I hear she didn't hit it big in Macau, China.

She loved the whole, roasted duck – naturally.

She's a star by association (with Jackie Chan) in Hong Kong.

And, of course, she visited one of Alex's favorite stores, Patagonia, in Hong Kong too!

For the past few days, Flat Kona has been in India. So far, she hasn’t seen many sights, but that might change today. She’s going to the Taj Mahal, one of the eight wonders of the world! Then, she’ll jump on a plane headed for America. Real Kona and I are looking forward to having Flat Kona (and Alex) home soon.



  1. What great photos! Flat Kona is having quite the good time.

  2. Thanks for posting…!!!

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