Posted by: Kristin | July 31, 2010

swimming lessons – conquered

She swims! Not that anyone is surprised. But today was Kona’s first time testing her puppy paddle at a nearby lake, and it was like she has been swimming her whole life.

Her front paws started moving as soon as she ventured into water too deep for her to stand in. Though it took some time for her to get her back legs in sync with the rest of her body, which led to quite a bit of splashing. Eventually, she got the hang of it.

And we got some great pictures. Plus, Kona made a new dog friend, Riggs. (post continues below)

(click on photos to view larger)

She found a stick on the bank, too. She even stuck her head under water to retrieve it when she dropped it. Kona leaves no stick behind. (post continues below)

The saying goes that a dirty dog is a happy dog, but we decided to give Kona a good scrub after her aquatic adventure anyway. Dirty or clean, we can count swimming lessons as conquered.



  1. So cute!!!

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