Posted by: Kristin | August 7, 2010

Jackson, Wyoming, is for puppies

We’re finally on vacation! Today we drove to Jackson, Wyoming, with Kona in tow, after Alex and I spent a few days in Salt Lake City, Utah, on business. We boarded Kona at the PetSmart PetsHotel while we worked. She received a glowing “Pawgress Report,” as usual, which included a comment that she is “one of the cutest golden retrievers” ever boarded there. Check it out … (post continues below)

Kona was happy to see us when we picked her up, though she wasn’t so eager to get back in the car. While she behaves beautifully on car rides, long ones aren’t her favorite. But we more than made up for it when we arrived at our destination. After dinner, we took a her for a walk in downtown Jackson, which was bustling with resort town traffic, people and other dogs.

And she was so good! AND everyone loved her (which only confirmed her boarding report as the cutest golden ever)!

Lots of people stopped to pet her, commented on her good looks and praised her as a “good dog.” But the best part of the walk was probably Kona being greeted by two twenty-something ladies who went on and on about her being completely adorable. They pet her until she rolled on her back, which made them go completely nuts. It was pretty ridiculous.

Something tells me Kona likes hanging out in Jackson (photographic evidence below).

Kona stretched out in our hotel room after a long car ride.

Kona, me and a big arch made of antlers at a park in downtown Jackson.

Kona and me hanging out with Ben Franklin in downtown Jackson.



  1. Sounds like everyone is having a “pawfectly” good time.

    • Nice! You should be a guest blogger. You could add some “pawesome” stories about Lily!

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