Posted by: Kristin | August 12, 2010

four paws up for a puppy backpack

On our second day in Jackson, Wyoming, Alex and I explored Grand Teton National Park while Kona stayed behind at the dog-friendly Pony Express Motel so she could rest up for her first hike that afternoon!

Dogs aren’t allowed in national parks, so we found a trail that followed the Snake River outside of town, but was still in view of the Tetons. At just a few miles, it wasn’t a long hike, but it was a good opportunity for us to test Kona’s new Ruff Wear Palisades Pack. Plus, she was able to carry her own stuff, like a few treats, a tennis ball, water and “number two” bags. (post continues below)

And she was so excited for the hike, she seemed oblivious to the pack, which she was much more curious about when she first tried it on at home. We met a bunch of dogs, including a 17-month-old European golden. We also took a swim in the Snake River, which was the highlight of the outing for her – besides, of course, her roll in the mud.

We played fetch, naturally.

And we played more fetch ... with a log.

Then Kona rolled in the mud. We didn't join her.


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