Posted by: Kristin | August 21, 2010

dog on a boat

On our last day in Montana, we fly-fished the Big Horn River from a drift boat. It was Kona’s first time in any kind of boat, so we expected things to get interesting. Naturally, she wanted to explore the boat, which was a bit of an issue because we immediately started catching trout. But a few tumbles over the edge of the boat later, Kona relaxed a bit. (post continues below)

Kona sniffing Alex's first fish of the day. (We launched near the dam in the background.)

We owe a big thank-you to our guide (from Bighorn Fly and Tackle Shop), who rowed the boat and was especially patient with our pup, for the float going well for everyone involved. He brought a tennis ball, too, which Kona enjoyed fetching during a swimming break. Later in the day, she even had the chance to lick a few fish! (post continues below)

Exhibit A.

It was definitely a long, hot outing for Kona, but she had no interest in resting in the shady parts of the boat. So we kept her cool with frequent swims and drinks. And a brief rain shower gave us all a break from the sun. (post continues below)

Kona kept watch from the stern of the boat all day.

We were all tired when we finally got back to the Best Western Kelly Inn (dog-friendly, of course) in Billings, but Kona was b-e-a-t – BEAT. She flopped down on the floor and did not move until bedtime. Fishing as a family was a great way to end our vacation and we can’t wait to do it again soon!



  1. I love the pic with the fish in her face! Only thing better would be if Kona’s tongue was sticking out. Cute!

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