Posted by: Kristin | October 10, 2010

a few favorite things

We need to catch up.

Things have been busy over the past couple months and I have a lot to report about the furriest member of our family. So check out this list of her “favorite things” – including the good and the bad of Kona’s most common behaviors – these days.

10. TRAVEL – I’m not sure Kona’s sold on extra-long road trips, like the one we took in August, but she definitely loves exploring new places and experiencing new things (like swimming, hiking and boating). And for all those keeping tabs (MOM!), I’ve updated the “places puppy’s been” page.

9. PULLING FUR – This behavior is a new, and worrisome, development in the past several weeks. Kona chases her tail, then catches it and pulls out clumps of fur! We took her to the vet, who prescribed an oral steroid to relieve the irritation on her tail. The medication helped while she was on it, but we need to find a permanent solution to what is probably some kind of allergy. We’ve started limiting her diet to a few ingredients in hopes of finding the culprit. Stay tuned.

8. DESTRUCTION – Hard plastic chew bones are just about the only toys Kona can have anymore. She destroys everything else, especially plush toys, in minutes. Bones and other toys made for strong chewers don’t stand much of a chance either. She even ripped into bear, her oldest and most loved stuffed toy. We’ll have to schedule him for reconstructive “surgery” sometime soon. (post continues below)

This fleece ball never stood a chance.

7. DINO – Three words: Chew Guard Technology. When bear bit the dust, we replaced him with plush dinosaur toy “specially constructed for heavy-duty use,” according to the manufacturer. And thanks to a its super-tough lining, it has survived a month’s worth of puppy roughhousing.

6. EATING APPLES – I gave Kona a bite of apple as I was slicing one a couple months ago and she loved it! Since then, I’ve been sharing apples with her regularly. She seems to think it’s a big treat. So here’s to healthy puppy snacks. (post continues below)

She gobbles apple treats too fast for a photo op.

5. “AMAZING GRACIE” – Okay, so this book has been one of MY favorite things, but it’s a fantastic story about the rescued dog belonging to the founders of the Three Dog Bakery franchise, which Kona loves. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. Don’t worry, if you’re a dog lover on my Christmas list, you can expect to receive a copy in a couple months. (post continues below)

4. MODELINGRuff Wear, a company that makes outdoor gear for dogs, is hosting a photo contest. The winning photos of dogs wearing the company’s gear will be featured in a 2011 calendar. So I entered the beautiful Kona wearing her Palisades Pack and Knot-a-Leash. The winners should be announced any day now. Fingers crossed.

3. PLAYING OFF LEASH – We’ve been trying to get more comfortable with letting Kona run around off leash in unfenced areas. It’s been tough for us and, of course, pretty easy for Kona. After she ran off a couple times, we took her to a nearby baseball field and hid from her, a technique which helped her realize we may not always be nearby to chase her down. As a result, she’s been a little more careful to stay nearby.

2. CRATE-LESS NIGHTS – For the past couple months, we’ve let Kona sleep outside her crate at night. She’s been an angel. We keep her confined to our bedroom with a gate and she doesn’t bother us or get into trouble while we’re sleeping, despite there being plenty of temptation in our room. She even sits patiently by the bed, instead of jumping on it, when we wake up. (post continues below)

Some mornings, we find Kona in her crate anyway.

1. (STILL) CHASING BUNNIES – Something tells me Kona will never stop chasing bunnies. Whether she’s on or off her leash, she goes berserk when she sees one. One time she even jerked her leash from my hand and bolted after a bunny I didn’t see until it was too late. She ran across the street and between two houses, so I had no idea where she went. I panicked. But luckily I found her not too far away (she must have lost the bunny) and she didn’t try to run away from me. Whew. (post continues below)

Somehow, the bunnies in our front yard aren't fazed. (Notice one in the bottom right and one in the top left of the picture.)

So there you have it. Hopefully my schedule will allow me to get back to posting regularly, because I obviously haven’t been slacking for lack of tales to tell.


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