Posted by: Kristin | October 26, 2010

lobster shells and bandanas

Well, fall is finally here. I had to wear ear warmers on our walk tonight! Speaking of walks, Kona is not too happy with all the Halloween decorations we’ve been encountering lately. From giant blowup pumpkins, spiders and monster hands holding eyeballs (Yes, really.),  to scarecrows and flashing lights, she has been on high alert walking through the neighborhood at night. In fact, some of the most, um, unique displays stop her in her tracks. It’s funny.

But we’re looking forward to Halloween night, which should be interesting between the constant kiddie visitors and her lobster costume. We’ve tried on the outfit a few times, and I bet you can imagine how that turned out. I’ll be lucky to even get a picture of Kona wearing it this weekend. She should be fine with the kid part, though. She had a great time last month at a local animal rescue fundraiser where she met lots of kids and other dogs.

Oh, and I made (read: cut out) the bandanas the dogs are wearing! Aren’t they adorable?

Hopefully our Halloween visitors love dogs as much as these two boys.

Kona made puppy friends, too, like this baby pit bull terrier, at the fundraiser.

Kona always likes a party!



  1. can’t wait to see the lobster costume! good luck keeping it on!

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