Posted by: Kristin | October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Kona discovered pumpkins about a week ago when I brought some small ones home from the grocery store. She was immediately interested, so I gave her one missing a stem to play with. She had quite a good time carrying it around and eventually chewing it, at which point – probably less than five minutes – I threw it away. But I did get some great shots, like the one above, of Kona investigating a pile of mini pumpkins on the front steps of our house.

She has eaten pumpkin in the past, just not in whole form. I wonder if the scent and taste were familiar to her. (post continues below)

Mmm, pumpkin ...

So, I know you’re dying to see pictures of Kona in her lobster costume. But I’m almost (I said almost …) embarrassed to post this one because the poor girl looks so terribly dejected. It’s the only photo I was able to take of her sitting still enough to avoid being blurred beyond recognition. And I laugh out loud every time I look at it. (post continues below)

I saved this picture as “angry lobster” on my computer. Fitting, don’t you think? I’m not sure what else to say except: Kona, I’m (mostly) sorry.



  1. I can’t believe she stood still for this one. Do you think she will think you were crazy when she grows up and sees this picture. Just like you and Colin as Snow White and Prince Charming. Why do us parents do such rediculous things? Just too funny for words!

  2. Poor baby! That is just rediculous—but so FUNNY!! She’s such a good sport, but I think you’re going to owe her one.

  3. After further review, I’m convinced that she will be in my corner…..I dislike Halloween! Kona votes with me.

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