Posted by: Kristin | November 5, 2010

kicks for Kona

We originally bought some dog boots for hiking with Kona on rough terrain, though we haven’t yet needed to use them. But with winter on its way – eventually, but not this weekend with forecasted temperatures close to 80 degrees (!!!) – we might need to start using them on walks in the snowy and icy conditions sure to come. (post continues below)

Ideally, though, Kona will have a chance to get used to the boots before the weather gets too ugly. So we conducted a road test on our walk tonight. This wasn’t the first time she’s tried them on, of course, as we’ve gradually introduced them to her during play and feeding times to associate them with good things. However, I doubt the hysterics that usually ensued did much to help the cause.

During the previous trials, Kona did everything she could to keep her feet off the ground. Hopping. Standing. Rolling. Squirming. Even high-stepping. In a word: hilarious. And this time was no exception. She put on the brakes, too, during an attempt to chew them off in a neighbor’s yard. But after a couple blocks of craziness, she settled into her “normal” walking routine. Success! (post continues below)

I imagine it will take a few more walks for her to really get comfortable with the boots, but by the time sidewalks are salted in a month or so she should be good to go.



  1. Love the blog. We have a wonderful golden named Kooper and he loves runs in the woods and chasing the four-wheelers. Those boots look great!

    • Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by. Goldens are amazing. Give Kooper a good scratch behind the ears for me!

  2. We use the adventure boots for our older dog Sydney. She has back problems and has trouble walking on slick surfaces like hardwood floors. The boots give her great traction so she does’t slip.

    • Awesome! I hope that traction works as well on the ice this winter. To you and Sydney, take care!

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