Posted by: Kristin | November 11, 2010

snow patrol

I’m no meteorologist, but the winter predictions I made last week weren’t too far off. In a matter of a few days the weather changed from unbelievably warm to winter white. Over the weekend we broke a sweat clearing the yard of leaves, but today we bundled up to venture out in the snow. (post continues below)

Kona and Alex clearing leaves five days ago.

Kona and Alex venturing out into the first snow of the season.

Kona has frolicked in the snow many, many, many times since we brought her home a year ago, but she still went a little crazy in the powder this morning. And her boots stayed on, which was surprising. She even cooperated when we put them on and took them off.

We don’t plan to make Kona wear them every time she heads into the snow, especially not just to play in the backyard, but we’re taking extra measures to protect her paws these days. Last week we discovered an irritated, unexplained growth on each of her front paws, both of which our veterinarian determined need to be surgically removed. (Next week! Pout.)

Until then Kona will continue to sport her boots outside, but after that she’ll probably be in bandages. So she better take advantage of the frolicking opportunities now. … Done.

(click on photos to view larger)


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