Posted by: Kristin | November 29, 2010

Flat Kona explores the Florida Keys

It’s been more than a month since Alex and I (and Flat Kona) took a vacation to the Florida Keys, and with a single-digit wind chill factor outside and no evening walk in sight, it seemed like the perfect time to share the long-overdue pictures from our travels.

Our resort, located on Duck Key (between Key Largo and Key West), featured a fun, semi-accurate guide to surrounding locales. It seemed like the perfect place for Flat Kona’s first photo in the Keys. (post continues below)

As the guide states, we stayed about 60 miles away from Key West. So, for an afternoon, we ventured down to the southernmost key in our rented Ford Mustang convertible. I know.  I want one too. Flat Kona enjoyed the ride. (post continues below)

And, of course, we also spent some time on the beach. (post continues below)

Sigh. As much as we all love winter, I could really go for some sun and sand right about now. But, hey, I hear it’s forecasted to be 55 degrees on Friday. Heat wave!


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