Posted by: Kristin | December 4, 2010

’tis the season …

For Christmas lights, football and, apparently, plastic bags stuck in trees.

Let me explain. The Christmas lights part is obvious. We put our decorations up today, and I think they turned out pretty nice. It’s no Griswold display, like the one with dancing lights timed to music (to Kona’s dismay) on our dog walk route, but it will do. (post continues below)

I suppose the football part is also obvious. But I was quite surprised when I received a picture message from my dad today of Lily, my parents’ golden and Kona’s half sister, sporting a War Eagle sign in honor of the Auburn University football team sealing its place in the Bowl Championship Series title game.

My cousin graduated from Auburn, and my dad likes to cheer on the Tigers, so the sign wasn’t odd. Lily sitting still long enough, however, to have her picture taken was something to be celebrated! (post continues below)

She must have been in a cooperative mood, because she also let my dad snap this shot. (post continues below)

My mom insists Lily is not as big as she looks in this picture, but I'm skptical.

Anyway, a plastic bag blew into the tree in our backyard. Kona was so annoyed by its presence she could hardly concentrate enough to use the outdoor facilities this morning. And we encountered a few more bags stranded in trees on our run tonight. But don’t worry, Kona showed those bags who was boss.


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