Posted by: Kristin | December 31, 2010

Kona ate December

I think Kona ate December.

That’s usually the explanation when something disappears. Poof. It’s gone. Just like the past month. It was a busy one.

Early in December I was away on a business trip for a week, which made Alex a single puppy parent for the first extended period of time. He said Kona seemed to search the house for me a couple times, but indications point to her not being too broken up about my absence.

I missed her, of course, but I had other dogs to keep me company while I was gone. My boss and I were hosting a pheasant hunting trip in Utah. I know, tough job. It was my first time working with hunting dogs, German shorthaired pointers to be specific, and they were amazing. (post continues below)

The dogs sniffed out the birds and “pointed” to them with their noses. Then they retrieved each downed pheasant, chukar and quail. They worked so hard and seemed to love every minute of their job. As impressive as the pointers were, I was happy to come home to my spoiled house dog.

To illustrate just how spoiled we’re talking, check out the pile of misfit toys that have either been destroyed or abandoned by Kona. We finally cleaned out her spare toy drawer this month, with plans to give the salvageable ones to less fortunate puppies in the new year. (post continues below)

Out of control.

Then, we headed to PetSmart for Kona’s holiday grooming session, complete with decorative bows. Alex was embarrassed to walk to the car with her. And I suspect Kona was equally humiliated, as she refused to pose for a picture. (post continues below)


Luckily, we got everything straightened out in time to take a nice family photo in front of the Christmas tree at my parents’ house in Belleville, Ill. Not only did we enjoy a beautiful white Christmas there, but we also received a (less-than-jolly) visit from Santa Paws! (post continues below)

But the greatest Christmas miracle of all was the photo opportunity made possible by Kona’s half sister Lily, who usually isn’t a cooperative subject. The pups tolerated each other for most of the visit, even sharing a dog bed and toys, sometimes voluntarily. (post continues below)

We. Are. Family.

We were all sad to part ways, but we hear Lily has readjusted quite nicely to again being THE dog of the house.


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