Posted by: Kristin | February 25, 2011

puffy puppy

I’m checking in today from Austin, Texas, where Alex and I are in town to attend his brother’s last college swim meet. But, thanks to Kona, I almost didn’t make the trip.

Right now, she’s probably the life of the party at her favorite PetSmart PetsHotel. The 24 hours leading up to her scheduled check-in time Thursday morning, however, were less than enjoyable for all of us.

First, Kona got sick in her crate around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. Then, during the following lunch hour we came home to find her “eyebrows” so swollen that she could not look up with either eye and could hardly see out of her left one. I wanted to both laugh and cry because her mostly pitiful antics, like running into furniture and looking sad, were also somewhat adorable. (post continues below)

Kona's left eyebrow protruded most notably, but this is as wide as she could open either of her eyes.

At the same time, her symptoms were worrisome, as they suggested she was having some kind of an allergic reaction. I gave her one milligram of Benadryl per pound, as instructed by my friend who’s a vet tech, and loaded her up to head to the veterinarian. (post continues below)

The swelling reduced slightly thanks to Benadryl, but her left eye still looked pretty awful.

After examining her and noticing a case of hives in her ears, the vet determined she was having an allergic reaction. To what, we will probably never know.

It’s unlikely she ate something to cause the reaction, as she’s on a limited diet and crated while we’re at work, but it’s possible she found something on the floor while crumb-cruising the kitchen. Or she may have been bit by a bug outside, as we’ve enjoyed some warmer weather lately, or a spider inside the house. Either way, the result was not pretty.

But a corticosteroid shot to relieve the irritation and reduce the swelling did the trick. And by bedtime, she was looking almost normal. The vet said to monitor her progress, but he assured me there should not be anything more to worry about. He also prescribed some medication to be used only if the swelling and hives appeared to be lingering on Thursday morning.

Luckily, they did not. Though I struggled with the decision to board Kona anyway. After much debate between me and Alex and energetic signs of wellness from the pup in question, I decided to send her to one of her favorite places, as planned (though I opted for shorter playtimes than usual).

Of course, I called to check on Kona as soon as our flight landed in Austin and found out she looked great, hadn’t needed any medication and was loving her shortened playtimes.

I expect nothing less from the little rascal, but I could have done without the panic less than a day before leaving town. Just sayin’.


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