Posted by: Kristin | March 30, 2011

Kona’s castle – the guest room

Well, the guest bedroom is clean, except for a rather large furball, and ready for visitors – just in time. Alex’s brother, Spenser, who’s on spring break from college, will be our guest tomorrow night. Spense, I swear we didn’t let Kona go under the comforter.

We haven’t hosted any overnight company in months, so I have a feeling Kona is going to be standing at the basement gate Friday morning waiting for her “uncle” to wake up.

Thanks, in part, to the handy dog-deflecting gate, the guest bedroom is pretty inviting. In fact, it’s the largest bedroom in the house. But don’t judge the paint color; it came with the house. Feel free, however, to be impressed by the homemade headboard. (post continues below)

There’s even room for a small study, complete with our (in)famous green leather recliner, where Kona catches up on her reading. (post continues below)

Like what you see? That’s the idea. I know Kona would love to have you.


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