Posted by: Kristin | April 24, 2011

egg-citement in the park


Alex and I didn’t have any big holiday plans this weekend, so we headed over to the neighborhood park with canine in tow to check out the annual Easter egg hunt. We kept our distance from the major “egg-citement” – yep, that just happened – but it was still great practice for Kona to be around lots of people in a public place. (post continues below)

waiting for the hunt to start

We took her out on a 50-foot lead, which we often let her drag around in hopes of training her to stay nearby when she’s “off leash.” If she runs away, which hasn’t happened yet, we’re able to grab the lead before she gets very far. When she wanders out to the end of leash, we give it a little tug and call her back. (post continues below)

And back she comes! After the initial egg hunt mayhem, which included a wailing fire truck siren and many screaming children, we didn’t pay too much attention to the action. Instead, we played with the plentiful sticks we found in the park. (post continues below)

Almost as soon as the egg hunt started, it was over. And that meant lots of people walking by the picnic table where we were hanging out. Judging by her wildly wagging tail and on-high-alert posture, Kona desperately wanted to greet each person she saw. However, she obeyed our commands and showed incredible restraint without either of us holding on to the leash. (post continues below)

"PLEASE pay attention to me, people!"

But even without the furious sprints toward every person who walked by, all the Easter Day activity made for one tired pup.


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