Posted by: Kristin | June 18, 2011

they really like us

Well, it’s June. And it’s stormy in western Nebraska. What’s new?

For one, Kona’s “aunt” Sarah is married! Last week Alex and I traveled to St. Louis for her wedding, which meant Kona had the privilege of going to the PetSmart PetsHotel for FIVE DAYS. While I bet she would have had a great time at the wedding, I’m certain she wasn’t broken up about going to one of her favorite places … where everybody knows her name.

The proof is in her “Pawgress Report .” (post continues below)

As usual, while we were missing her for several days, Kona made at least one new friend. But we had a canine companion for a few days in my parents’ dog, Lily. Though we’re pretty sure she was relieved Kona didn’t join us.

Anyway, at the wedding I found out that people actually read The Kona Breeze! Okay, they’re all members of my family, but that’s why I put this site together in the first place. I’m glad I can keep in touch with extended family and long-distance friends through tales of raising our rambunctious golden retriever.

So, family, you all should know Kona has a new plush toy that has lasted weeks. I know, I can’t believe it either. It’s a lizard from the Ty Bow Wow Beanies collection, which has proved tougher than most dog toy lines we’ve tested out on the beast. Now “Lizzy” is Kona’s best friend. (post continues below)

Yes, it had a red fabric tongue when we bought it, but we immediately cut it off to avoid any doggie temptation.

Don’t be surprised if this photo looks familiar. Kona has a habit of snuggling with Bow Wow Beanies on the couch. She’s usually in her favorite lounging position, too. (post continues below)

Ridiculous, right?


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