Posted by: Kristin | August 2, 2011

whirlwind to Washington


That pretty much sums up the past six weeks for our family.

Let me explain.

It started in mid-June. Alex interviewed over the phone for two jobs – one near Seattle, Wash., one in Bozeman, Mont. Both went well. Several days later we traveled to Washington for Alex’s in-person interview. Stayed an extra day to explore the area. Ate the best clam chowder ever. (post continues below)

from the ferry in Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Headed back to western Nebraska. Took two days to catch up on life at home. We caught a flight to Montana for another follow-up interview. Saw enough prairie dogs to keep Kona occupied for a lifetime. Found a great dog boutique. Bought the furball a new toy. (post continues below)

from Gallatin Field Airport, Bozeman, Mont.

Tried to focus on work in Nebraska. Within a week Alex received a job offer from Washington. We agonized. He accepted. We celebrated. Turned in our two weeks (read: one week). Put our house up for sale in July. Added an “under contract” sign less than 48 hours later. (post continues below)

Thought about packing. Talked about moving. Dropped Kona off for her final stay at the Fort Collins, Colo., PetsHotel. Traveled to Washington to hunt for housing. Found a house. (post continues below)

home sweet home

Vacationed in Southern California. Spent some time with our friends and their basset hounds. Relaxed on the beach. Missed Kona. Booked a U-Haul truck. Headed back to western Nebraska. (For the last time ever?) Picked up Kona. Everyone there said they’re going to miss her. I might have teared up a little. … Bought moving boxes. Packed the house in five days. Kona sulked. (post continues below)


We loaded the truck. Cleaned the house. Slept on the floor. Hit the road (later than expected, of course). Drove 500 miles. Spent the night in Utah. Logged another 600 miles. Kona traveled to two new states: Oregon and Washington. Checked into a hotel where were were greeted with dog biscuits. Kona claimed her very own bed. (post continues below)

from the Best Western in Kennewick, Wash.

Survived driving 300 more miles. Made it across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to our new home on the Kitsap Peninsula! Aaannnddd we’re spent. To be continued.



  1. Oh, AND we had a garage sale!

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