Posted by: Kristin | September 14, 2011

camping with Kona

Kona loves exploring the outdoors. She’s conquered swimming, hiking and even fishing (well, boating, anyway). But camping over Labor Day weekend was something entirely new to her. And I’m not so sure she’s completely sold on the idea.

Of course, she loved hiking the trails at Dash Point State Park near Tacoma, Wash. And she relished her time at the park’s beach on the Puget Sound. But the concept of sleeping outside threw our shamelessly pampered pup for a loop. (post continues below)

Once the sun went down, Kona tirelessly guarded our campsite, standing at attention and staring down fellow campers as they walked by. We’re pretty sure she kept up her diligent watch through the tent window for most of our first night sleeping under the stars.

By the second night, she was too tired to play watchdog. Though she did muster enough energy to squeeze into an impossibly small space between her parents’ sleeping bags. (post continues below)

She was definitely ready to come home to “her” cushy couch and nice warm bed by the end of the weekend. But Alex and I are pretty sure she’ll be up for giving it another try (hopefully sometime soon).

In the meantime, please enjoy our camping slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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