Posted by: Kristin | September 16, 2011

enter the terrible twos

Kona’s two!

And she’s terrific … at posing for pictures! Yes, she’s actually wearing that party hat. I even have more than one picture to prove it.

But back to the celebration. It was short, sweet and involved a lot of treats. Alex and I held back a few gifts because she was so obsessed with the first one – Antlerz.

We found this brand of chew toys, cut from shed deer antlers, at an all-natural pet supply store in a nearby town. Kona has not let it out of her sight since we opened it!

Meanwhile, I spent some time looking through Kona’s “baby” photos, as she’s officially out of the puppy stage. (Fingers crossed!) In dog years, she’s a teenager. But I’m not sure which is more frightening, the teens or the terrible twos.

Which stage does this look like? (post continues below)

ditching the party hat in three ... two ... one ...

No matter what this “tantrum” looks like, Kona’s well on her way to becoming a great dog. Wouldn’t you protest if someone forced you into wearing an embarrassing birthday dunce cap? She’s still plenty excitable, but she’s a joy to have around. I’m just not sure how we ever managed to tame the little Kona Monster. (post continues below)

Sure, she looks calm, sweet and cuddly. But let’s be honest: She is a challenge. With a capital “c.”

Worth every frustrating minute, too.

Thank you, Kona.

Oh, and happy birthday!


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