Posted by: Kristin | November 13, 2011

harvest happenings

This is Kona’s please-don’t-go-back-to-work face.

I know. Tough to ignore. But I managed to overlook it on my first day of work a few weeks ago.

Because truth be told, I’m almost certain she usually doesn’t miss me at all when I leave the house.

Even when I am around, I usually find Kona settled into OUR bed for most of the day. Though she’s not always accompanied by her chipmunk friend, otherwise know as the rally rodent.

So, anyway, yes, you read that right. I’m employed! With an animal rescue organization. Pretty much my dream job. No big deal.

But back to “harvest happenings” … like dog sitting for the first time. Meet Tory. (post continues below)

I’m not sure I would call him Kona’s friend, as he’s 10 years old and not particularly fond of her flailing, still-puppy-like antics. He is a heck of a dog, about as calm and collected as they come, despite his 100-pound-plus frame.

Neither dog got much sleep during Tory’s stay. They were too busy keeping an eye on each other. But the encounter left them both exhausted for almost a week after they parted ways.

Now, meet Witchy. She was a gift – a PetSmart special, I’m told – from Kona’s grandma. And for a bargain buy, it’s a miracle she’s still with us two weeks later, especially after being treated like this. (post continues below)

Though Kona did let Witchy oversee the Halloween candy distribution. (post continues below)

After all the October excitement, everything settled down when I got into a workday routine and Alex headed overseas for a 10-day business trip. Kona seemed mostly oblivious to his absence, but there’s no doubt she was happy to have him home.

This snapshot says it all.



  1. Hard to tell who’s happier on that couch–Kona or Alex! Great photos.

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